I've always had a passion for travelling and human relationships, especially with children overflowing with hope and joy regardless of the hand they are dealt.
The vision for epicARTS was born early in the year 2014 when a close friend gave me a bracelet with dice like words spelling EPIC. She said she sees an EPIC future of how God will use my talents in art and my occupation as a teacher to honour His Name.
In 2015 I took a leap of faith and registered the company epicARTS. As a full time teacher in that stage of my life, I've set art aside. 
Four years later (2019) I realized that I am not enjoying my current course of life, because in all the teaching admin there is no time to pursue art- so I quit my job to embrace art full time- and what a joy it has been!
I found my passion again in teaching small art classes, commissions, writing, creating and living relationships. 
I live to inspire others and changing lives one person at a time!
I used to work as a nurse and loved to interact and help people on a daily basis. 
After my children left the house I started living my dream- painting on a daily basis.
We are a group of friends who come together on a weekly basis to experiment with art, techniques and connect with one another.
I've been painting full time for a couple of years now and can truly see the therapeutic effect art has in my life.
I hope you enjoy my God-given talent, since I enjoy creating art and giving back to the community. 
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