Be the change

I absolutely love reading! And if it is a true story about how someone overcame hardships or how they pushed through and never gave up, you can sign me up! A book that really challenged me down memory lane is a book called ‘Just a minute’. In this book the author compiled 64 live-changing stories that all happened through a one-minute exchange.

You can ask my wife- the thought of our lives being compiled by one-minute stories patched together to create a whole, kept me awake at night. I thought back to pre-primary, jumped to high school, thought about the first time I decided to become a teacher and my thoughts just spiraled down from there.

One minute doesn’t seem that long (until you must do a plank), but still our lives are changed through one-minute moments- and you can fill in the blanks here. Not only are our lives changed by a one-minute encounter, but we can also change someone’s life in a minute- for good or bad.

It is a cliché to say treat others the way you want to be treated, yet it is so true. I remember the one-minutes where someone made my day and changed my life! I became a teacher, because one teacher (although she doesn’t realize the impact, she had on my life nearly 15 years ago) sincerely asked me if was okay after going through a tough time. Just as easily I remember some of the harsh words people spoke to me in anger or a minute of peer pressure- it all happened in a minute or less.

My question to you is, what are you doing with your supposedly 960 minutes spent awake each day? Are you the difference? Are you the person that will change someone’s life for the better?

Be the change, always


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