Abstract love

Abstract love

R2 345,00Price

Oil on Stretched Canvas

59cm x 42cm x 3.5cm

This boy had no clothes- except for his worn-out jockey and one no-name flip-flop and another Nike sandal. I met him in a market where he was extremely hungry! After we shared a meal, I gave him my scarf and a pair of clothes. (In my mind he was supposed to put it on immediately- I mean I was helping him- he smiled at me and ran with his gift.)It was only a week later that we met again, he was still ‘dressed’ in the same miss matched shoes and worn out jockey. His face lit up when he saw me and motioned me towards an extremely dodgy alley- here I met his younger sister dressed in the clothing I gifted him and his mother with a baby in her arms, wrapped in my scarf! The wonder of selfless living!
May each of us love and live for others the way this boy did for his family and Jesus did for us!

Original artwork by Dian Louw