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Oil on Stretched Canvas

42cm x 59cm x 3.5cm

To survive, she had to flee! This is an amazing woman! She started a school for the needy, while she herself does not have much! The hand drawn posters in the classroom shows her dedication to the next generation! The children’s laughter is a beacon of hope and an indication that they feel safe and loved! This strong woman’s husband would beat her at night after he consumed alcohol- until she saw a chance to flee. She is not welcome in the village she grew up in, but another village welcomed her and allowed her to stay on the outskirts of the village. It is also here that she started serving the youth, thanking the community for their grace towards her! Her school accommodates almost 100 children today not only from her new village, but also surrounding villages! What would have happened if she did not have the courage to flee in the middle of the night? If another village have not welcomed her? If the last beating took her life? How many other women are being silenced? Raped? Beaten? Keeping silent while others are being marginalized means YOU are part of the problem! This needs to stop- we need to speak up! Stop looking away! God created us to love one another and to do something in this hurting world! Stand up against any form of abuse! Speak up and let us be the change, always- sharing Jesus daily!

Orginal artwork by Dian Louw